This is a 30-hour online driver education course. It has been licensed by the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) to satisfy the Joshua's law requirement for teens to obtain their class "D" Georgia provisional driver's license. Students are encouraged to retake quizzes and the final test as many times as necessary to score the highest possible grade. PLEASE, PROVIDE THE STUDENT'S GEORGIA LEARNER'S PERMIT NUMBER ON THE REGISTRATION PAGE. Remember, we have a NO FAIL POLICY! You CANNOT complete this course faster than the required 30 hours. You MUST BE active in the course for the course to record your time. You CANNOT be engaged in other online activities while taking this course. Upon completion, you will be emailed your certificate. Print a copy of the certificate to take with you to the DDS to take the road test. Your certificate MAY NOT have your learner's permit number on it, but it is still valid.

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